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Scholarships in Australia: Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship at Bond University

Do you wish to study in Australia? Good news! We are glad to inform you that the Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship application is currently ongoing at the Bond University. We will be discussing about the scholarship, its worth, its eligibility and application process.

Bond University is Australia’s first private not for profit university and is situated in Robina, Queensland. Since its establishment on 15 May 1989, Bond University has mainly been a teaching focused higher education institution containing a three semester per year timetable.

Bond University was recognized and funded in 1987 with the supervision of the founder of India and silent partner of India. Bond University was established by Chairman of the Australian-based Bond Corporation Mr Alan Bond and President of the Japanese-based Electronics and Industrial Enterprises International (EIE) Mr Harunori Takahashi and Dr Taro Tanioka with joint venture to manage land and construction of the buildings of Bond University.

The university’s buildings and neighboring land primarily covered about 212 hectares and covered what was previously a pine plantation known as the Burleigh Forest. In the 1970s, Bond had obtained control of a number of pine plantations in the region, previously owned by the Savoy Corporation Limited and Gold Coast Cooperative Plantations Society Limited, and established a new company known as the Development Equity Corporation (DEC) to develop them.

DEC was achieved by Brian Orr and, in 1976, Or put forward a suggestion to the Albert Shire Council for a university at Gaven Forest. While this project did not proceed, a subsequent proposal made in 1986 to build a university at Burleigh Forest did gain traction. Or deliberated the matter with Bond and Peter Beckwith and recruited Jo Anne Cracknell to research the feasibility of venture.

For the 12th consecutive year, Bond University was given more 5-star rankings in the student experience category than any other university in Australia, rendering to the 2018 Good Universities Guide. Furthermore, more than 90 per cent of students ranked their educational experience at Bond University as positive, well above the national average of 80 per cent, in the latest undergraduate Student Experience Survey, released by the Department of Education on its Quality Gauges for Learning and Teaching (QILT) website.

In 2017, Bond University, in grouping with all Australian universities, donated in a national report assumed by the Australian Human Rights Commission to challenge the issue of sexual harassment and assault. The Vice Chancellor of Bond University approved the survey results saying, “Today is a wake-up call, and we understand that the issue of sexual harassment and assault is real and arrogances need to change, both in society and within the university sector. One case is one case too many. We are helpful of the references of the Australian Human Rights Commission, and have already applied the bulk of the trials they have proposed.

Worth of Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship

Receivers of the Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship are given with 50% tuition reduction for their chosen program.

Eligibility for Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship

  • To be eligible for Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship, You must have submitted the Bond University Online Application Form to apply for chosen program. Students applying for Bond University’s Medical Program are not eligible to apply for this scholarship.
  • To be eligible for Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship, You must have attained academic excellence in the top percentile from your high school qualification (for example, IB Diploma score of 38 or higher, minimum ATAR of 96) or comparable.
  • To be eligible for Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship, Complete and submit a scholarship application form by the scholarship application closing date applicable to chosen starting semester.
  • To be eligible for Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship, you must have already commenced undergraduate studies at Bond University.
  • To be eligible for Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship, Those studying English at Bond University College as part of a packaged Offer are still eligible to apply.

How to Apply for Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship

Candidates must submit the Bond University Online Application Form before applying for this scholarship.

Once submitted, candidates can apply for this scholarship using the online form. Simply use the same log-in details as used for your program application, and search ‘Scholarship’ on the Start an Application page. The form must be completed and submitted online by the application closing date applicable to your starting semester.

As part of your scholarship application, you will be asked to attach a Supporting Statement. Download our Supporting Statement Template (PDF), complete and save this form, and attach it to your application in the Supporting Documents section.

Information for students applying through an Agent:

Please contact your agent for details on how you must apply for both your program and scholarship.

Information for all students:                                             

When applying for a scholarship, please note that your application will be deliberated in the next scholarship round, and if presented, you will be provided with 10 days to accept your program and scholarship offer. If you have applied for your program far in advance of your semester opening, you may wish to apply for a scholarship closer to the scholarship deadline date for your semester start date. Scholarship deadline dates are as follows:

  • Applications for students commencing in the January 2022 Semester have now closed.
  • Applications close on 13 February, 2022 for students commencing in the May 2022 Semester.
  • Applications close on 12 June, 2022 for students commencing in the September 2022 Semester.
  • Applications close on 16 October, 2022 for students commencing in the January 2023 Semester.

Application Deadline for Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship

The application deadline for this Scholarship is October 16, 2022

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