M.I Promises To Attack Vector On A Rap Battle, After Vector Dissed Him On His Cipher

MI Abaga has recently affirmed that he has been avoiding Vector all these while with respect to a hamburger track.

M.I said this in light of a Twitter client who blamed him for continually avoiding Vector whenever the “Lafiaji” artiste tossed shots at him.

The client additionally asked MI not to be a faker this time around after Vector dropped one more diss track for the Chairman in which he tossed shots at his fans as well.

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The client, be that as it may, needs him to turn out as a warrior and not a quitter to shield himself and his fans from Vector’s assault.

On observing this Twitter post, MI promptly reacted, consenting to the way that he never needed a go head to head with Vector.

He, be that as it may, vowed not to avoid the fight this time around as he would go full scale to make Vector feel his anger.

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Who Do You Think Is Going To Kill Who If They Battle?

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