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BIMM Institute Berlin Tim Pope Scholarship for International Undergraduate Students Berlin Germany

BIMM Institute Berlin Tim Pope Scholarship. The BIMM Institute Berlin is awarding the Tim Pope Film making Scholarship to suitably qualified students enrolling in eligible programs of the institute.

BIMM Institute Berlin has established an amazing scholarship to support students throughout their studies. The successful applicant will receive a full scholarship for all three years of study from September 2022. This scholarship is available for the new BA (Hons) in Film making. It’s part of the dedication to seeing you kick-start your industry career in the strongest way possible.

Pope grew up in the north London suburb of Enfield. Both his parents were bankers, and he has a sister, Amanda. He always knew that he wanted to make films, boasting in an interview once, “Even my dreams came with dirt on them, like my Standard-8 movies”. He attended St Andrew’s primary school, Cecil Road, Enfield, and then went to St Michael’s boarding school in Otford, Kent, returning to north London to attend Latymer Grammar School, Haselbury Road. While still attending Latymer, he participated in the first-ever Film Studies O-level and was featured in the Evening Standard as “Tim Pope, aged seventeen, who wants to be a film director”. To achieve this aim, he began to attend Saturday morning film classes at Hornsey College of Art. Here he was able to experiment freely with cameras, spending much time photographing various happenings. His first school film was entitled Voyage, which was shot on a 16mm Bolex camera – and another equally absurd creation was the film Canine Excrement, where he is purported to have followed a dog around the then bombsites of Seven Sisters, waiting for the inevitable to happen. Pope applied to many film colleges, realizing that film was something he seriously wanted to devote his life to and having been turned down by many, he finally attended Ravenous College of Art & Design, Bromley. The course was more TV-oriented, and Pope achieved his highest course marks when a brief was set to create an idea for a piece of music. He chose Frank Zappa’s “I’m the Slime” from his album Overnite Sensation. When Pope left college, two years later, he found himself unemployable and, after a period of working for Williams & Glynn’s bank in Islington, he got his first job with HyVision, a company in Covent Garden that trained politicians to appear on TV. One of the many people he worked with, apart from Trevor McDonald, Melvyn Bragg, and others, was the then Chancellor of the Exchequer Denis Healey, whom his boss, Stanley Hyland, trained to appear on the BBC’s Panorama program. Pope says that he left 10 Downing Street with the same camera and then went to Guildford to film the ska band The Specials on stage. Terry Hall, the lead singer, was later to be one of Pope’s many clients, as a pop promo director.

Tim Pope is a filmmaker who has worked across TV, documentaries, captured live concerts, created short films and has worked in Hollywood to direct “The Crow: City of Angles”.

The Institute will then follow your journey during your studies as you develop your craft, explore your creativity, and follow your passion. As a Scholarship winner, you will also have the exclusive opportunity on some mentoring sessions with Tim Pope.

Worth of BIMM Institute Berlin Tim Pope Scholarship 

Full scholarship, Including Tuition Fee

Eligibility for BIMM Institute Berlin Tim Pope Scholarship  

  • To be eligible for BIMM Institute Berlin Tim Pope Film making Scholarship, applicants are expected to meet the following conditions:
  • Applicants must be domestic or international students
  • Applicants must have applied for study on the BA (Hons) Film making degree at BIMM Institute Berlin and be holding either a conditional or unconditional offer of study.
  • Applicants who have accepted their offer of study by the scholarship deadline are also eligible for entry to the Tim Pope Berlin Scholarship.
  • The Tim Pope Berlin Scholarship is only applicable to September 2022 entry BA (Hons) Film making students at BIMM Institute Berlin’s Screen and Film Faculty. It does not apply to the BA (Hons) Film making degree at any other BIMM Institute college, nor will it impact your fees/ funding eligibility at other BIMM Institute college locations.
  • The scholarship winner agrees to be part of a marketing campaign blog posts, social media, and interviews throughout the time of studies at BIMM Institute Berlin.

How to apply for BIMM Institute Berlin Tim Pope Scholarship

  • Please visit the How to apply for further instructions on the application process. You can access the Online Undergraduate Direct Application Form via the How to Apply page
  • If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact our Admissions Team at  +49 (0)30 311 99 186 or email [email protected].

Application Deadline: July 15, 2022

Official Website: Click Here

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